Artisan glass tile for Homeowners, Designers, and Developers

At Bodesi we begin with your design in mind. Whether you are looking for a kitchen backsplash, or handmade tiles for a shower, we have glass subway tiles manufactured to create exquisite colors and sizes unique to your project.


Frustrated going from store to store for luxury glass tiles that match the colors of your project?


We want you to find glass subway tiles perfect for your space.


Quality handcrafted tiles give your home or design project a look of elegance using the colors and patterns that fit your style. As a family artisan business, we are makers of luxury, handcrafted, one of a kind creations, inspired by color combinations and design trends.


We want you to browse our selection of glass tile gallery to find the hand glazed solid color, spectrum or subway tiles that are perfect for your kitchen or bathroom. Whether you want blue, green, gray, white, brown or a combination of warmer shades, our hand painted glass tiles are created with quality at the forefront of the entire process.


The end result for us is handcrafted tiles that inspire the fresh looks and unique designs of a truly artisan product. Order samples to ensure your hand painted glass subway tiles are the exact color, style and size you are looking for.

Hand Painted Series

The right amount of  variation

Spectrum Series

A range of solid colors.


Bodesi was created based on a vision of the world of how it should be in the eyes of Industrial Designer Bo Wojtyra. From the beginning of his career as a designer and maker, the vision of product design, was always a little bit different for Bo.


We believe many products should be made for the individual on a small-scale basis. This would create an ideal economy, an ideal world, and truly enrich our lives by having wonderful products that are made specifically to fit a need. The idea of having products mass produced doesn’t really sit well with us. This is particularly true for products that we use to decorate our lives in order to express our individuality.


With these ideas in mind we created our own factory, to make the products you want. We do not stock anything, and all of our products are made to order. This means we do not waste anything, and you get what you want. It’s not easy, but it’s fun and it is how we want the world to be.


We do not hire contract manufacturers; we are the manufacturer. Not many companies can make this claim. It is a statement that carries weight when it comes to knowledge of our product, knowledge of our customer and the ability to bridge the gap between design intent and product creation.


We develop our own products and we even make our own equipment to make the tile! This gives us the production flexibility to keep our tiles fresh and new. As a result, our customers have the tools and options to get exactly what they want out of a glass tile. In doing so, trends are set by designers and visionaries that choose their own path, by choosing Bodesi Glass Tile.


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