Sample Information

We know it is difficult to choose glass tile samples, so we try and make it as easy as we can for you. We know screen colors can vary from the actual color so we offer samples so you can confirm the color.

We also know that you want to see a few different colors to make sure you have the right one. Sample packs are the best way to do this. The more samples you want the more we offer in return.

How to use coupon codes for samples:

If you would like 2 samples and 1 free, simply add all three to your cart. During checkout enter the code 2 SAMPLES 1 FREE, and the corresponding sample(s) fee will be deducted from your cart total.


Glass Mosaics from Bodesi

Coupon codes for samples

Buy 2 samples, get 1 free –  coupon code: 2 SAMPLES 1 FREE
Buy 3 samples, get 2 free –  coupon code: 3 SAMPLES 2 FREE
Buy 4 samples, get 3 free –  coupon code: 4 SAMPLES 3 FREE
Buy 5 samples, get 4 free –  coupon code: 5 SAMPLES 4 FREE
Buy 6 samples, get 5 free –  coupon code: 6 SAMPLES 5 FREE