What Should I Know About Glass Tile Installation?

  • If you are a handy person, It can be relatively simple process.
  • If you have never installed tile before, no problem. Watch as many videos and read as many tutorials as you can.
  • The single most important factors are knowledge and time, not experience. In fact, the worst mistakes, and botched jobs are completed by by so called professional that simply rushed the job.
  • Wet areas such as showers take more consideration, but there is plenty of help available.

Take your time, and you will be fine.

If it’s your first time cutting glass, let us know and we can add a few pieces to your order so you can practice.

Kitchens, Backsplashes and dry areas are a little bit easier, simply because there is no water involved.

Showers, tub surrounds, saunas are slightly more complicated simply because the substrate and structure are absolutely critical to a good job.

If you are a professional contractor, hired installer, architect, developer or if you are installing in a commercial areas – we strongly recommend reviewing and following the installation guidelines set out by The Tile Counsel of North America, (https://www.tcnatile.com/) as well as appropriate ANSI standards for installation.