Micro Surface

This series is about surface texture and geometry. Simple patterns allow for the nature of the creation process to create a coy playful intrigue of texture, geometry and color. What does that mean? It meas that the silk screened enamels on the surface of the glass are naturally slightly raised and lightly matted. This creates a very tactile notion to a surface of a material that is commonly not to be touched. Micro graphics serve as a break-up to the glossiness of the surface of the glass. The textures are inviting and their tactile joy is compulsive. In this way a new understanding of decorative glass is introduced.

Very Cool.

About Samples for this series

Because of the options available in this series, samples are a little tricky. This series has 3 options in it’s design. The pattern, the color of the pattern (front color) and the base color (back color)


The pattern color and base color are customizable with any of colors that we have in our spectrum and bright series.


The sample for this series will include a swatch of the pattern in a standard color. Here you will be able to feel, touch and see the pattern. Standard sample kits will also include upto 4 other color samples from either the spectrum or the bright series which you can choose.


If you need to see your pattern in specific colors, just let us know and we’ll make it happen for you.

Micro Surfaces